Hello. It's Time to Step Up

Well hello. Remember this? Remember when I was going to do this thing and then stopped? Yea, I remember that too.

So the other day I was speaking to some friends and someone brought up The Rocks. I've been MIA cause I started my own digital agency. Now that it's up and moving, it's time to step back in the batters box and get this thing going again. And what better way for an announcement of MEGA proportions.

If you don't know, my buddy Darren runs The 7 Line. He created an insanely amazing Mets fan group and they are just so incredibly rad, welcoming and the best baseball fans you'll ever meet. I met Darren back in 2012 when he turned me into an adopted Mets fan while living in NYC. Since then, I've been hooked on what they do. If you have a chance, please go check out their history because Darren has done such a rad job building a community for Mets fans started by Mets fans and honestly, I dream of that. 

The reason I bring up Darren is because yesterday (or two days ago) he hit me up with an article about why Mike Trout wasn't a superstar. We had a pretty rad conversation about it and I brought up that Angel fans have a great fan base, but we just don't show up. There are a ton of us that are die hard fans and we have so many great players, so why aren't we having fun with it? He asked if there were any big Angel fans groups and I couldn't really think of one. Halo Haven has done a pretty spectacular job of being out there. Chuck and everyone at Angels Win have been here for years. Halos Heaven has been around. I remember The Hooligans were trying a thing to get younger fans (like early 20's. I'm old) but there hasn't been a consistent group outing. After him pumping me the hell up and telling me to go for it, I decided to try it. Let's get 50 of us to a game. 

That being said, let's Rage at the Big A. I want 50 of the most passionate, die-hard, loud and positive fans to ban together and make something of this. I'm tired of people saying our fan base is weak, including me. I'm tired of people thinking we don't appreciate Trout or Ohtani or Simba or THE MASSIVE ROSTER of rad people on our team. I'm tired of going to games and sitting next to people who are just on their phones, talking business or impressing a client. Let's get 50 of us to go to a game and turn this into the World Baseball Classic/Soccer environment. Let's chant. Let's cheer. LET US HAVE FUN! 

Who cares if we look dumb to others. Who cares if people don't appreciate it or think we're dorks cause we're cheering Kinsler slapping a single. Let us ban together and do something different. The plan is to meet up at Golden Road Brewery. Whether you have a ticket with us or not, come and let's march to the stadium and make some noise as we get to the gates. Then when we're in our seats, we're going to be loud and have fun THE ENTIRE GAME. I don't expect us to be chanting or hollering the entire time but I expect it to be a soccer type environment. And don't be an asshole. I don't want people there who are gonna cause problems or make fun of the Astros. This is all in good fun and I want people who are there for the game and the team. 

So, I only have 50 tickets AS OF NOW. You can Venmo me, write me a check, pay me in cash or work something out with me. It's $20 flat fee and I'm gonna make sure we do some giveaways at Golden Road or do a fun raffle. This is going to be one of the greatest games you go to and I promise you it will be amazing. So please shoot me a tweet or e-mail me at RicardoDoesThings@gmail.com for more info.

Also, I'm doing this on my own in terms of planning and distributing tickets. I apologize in advance if things go a little haywire or I don't respond IMMEDIATELY but I'm going to do my best. This is a test run and if this ends up being as rad as I think it's going to be, there will be more of these. So let's have some fun and GO ANGELS! 

Rage at the Big A Flyer.jpg