Game 5 Recap - Opening Night Disaster

THE ANGELS ARE BACK IN ANAHEIM I REPEATSSSSSSS THE ANGELS ARE BACK IN ANAHEIM! Opening Day is always an amazing time cause the atmosphere is tremendous, the hot dogs are steamin and seat hopping is at an all-time high. If you don't look at the game score, opening day was a MASSIVE success with the introductions of the giant screens and new food items. Plus, Weaver threw the first pitch and made me cry so here's the Game 5 Recap:

- Opening Night festivities kicked off with Vlad Guerrero going against a fan plucked from the stands in a hot dog eating contest. Vlad ate 13 while the fan was too star struck to even start.

- Jered Weaver threw out the first pitch (it was a strike) but then was immediately tossed out by the umps for bringing too much grit back onto the field. We miss you, Weave.

- Donald the Donkey FINALLY made an appearance to a roaring sold-out crowd. Cozart was tearing up during the moment. Everyone was hugging in the stands.

- At some point during the 2nd inning, they were just handing out free beer. I never cried with joy so much in my life. 

- Someone with a "Mike Trout will you go to prom with me" was pulled on to the field and surprised with Trout in a tux. The stadium lights turned off and a single spotlight was on the two of them with "Kiss From A Rose" being played in the background. As the fan had tears stream down her face, Trout slowly walked up and they slowed dance. The umps then tossed out the fan for delay of game. It was a beautiful moment. 

- Buttercup wasn't played. This isn't a joke. I just want you to know that it happened and the curse might be lifted. 

Here are some pics from the game that I shot. Enjoy and bless up that the boys are back in town.