Game 2 Recap - Angels win. Butts were clenched

BASEBALL IS BETTER WHEN THE ANGELS WIN! Here's what went during tonight's win against the A's:

  • Mike Trout hit for a home run then trotted around the bases like he was riding a horse. It was fancy. 
  • Keynan Middleton ripped off his shirt after doing his thing revealing a giant tattoo of "Juicy" on his back. We don't know what it means but we're about it.
  • Sosh did the squinty eye thing again. He made one ump go home. 
  • Ian Kinsler helped an A's fan propose to his girlfriend then immediately stole his girl. It was weird but congrats to Kinsler and his new bride. 
  • An A's fan in the front row ate 21 hot dogs. He is currently at a local hospital. 
  • Someone farted on the team bus and sources tell us it was Zack Cozart's donkey but we still have yet to see it so we think it was Cozart