HOLY CRAP! So on a whim I just kinda decided to ACTUALLY do the thing and make this site and I DID NOT expect the amazing response from Angel fans. I'm actually FLOORED. This is probably what Trout feels like every time he steps on to the plate except I'm Hispanic, prob like 150 more pounds than him and I can barely hit a softball.

I do want to rexplain that this site is going to be nothing but a positive/comedic take on the team and have some fun. I'm not trying to breakdown stats, I don't want to just complain and crap on the team when they come on hard times and I DEFINITELY don't want to get players to hate this thing. I want to just have some fun and make some ridiculous stuff in the process.

A ton of you are asking how you can help and to be quite honest, I'm kind of just playing this by ear. Think right now, I might need a comedic writer or two to help write some stuff when the Angels are doing something and help when I actually go out to shoot things when the season starts. So here's what I'm currently looking for:

  • Graphics person to figure out a logo/shirt/video designs
  • Podcast crew to chat once a week about the state of the Angels and have some fun
  • Possibly a little film crew when I go out to shoot stuff when the season rolls around

But most immportantly, I basically just need you to spread the word. You just RTing the videos, the site and basically just about this is gonna go A LONG WAYS. The power of the internet is incredible and Angel/baseball fans never cease to amaze me when they support something.

That being said, let's have some fun. This thing is just getting off and we already gor 5k views on a video that took like an hour and a half to put together so imagine what we can do when we start doing some fun shit. PLEASE follow the new Twitter and Facebook accounts and to be the first int he know about everything! Oh and those pictures are all shot by me. I'll probably make an IG too and take photos at games.


Twitter: __TheRocks (That's two underscores)