Hello. It's Time to Step Up

Well hello. Remember this? Remember when I was going to do this thing and then stopped? Yea, I remember that too.

So the other day I was speaking to some friends and someone brought up The Rocks. I've been MIA cause I started my own digital agency. Now that it's up and moving, it's time to step back in the batters box and get this thing going again. And what better way for an announcement of MEGA proportions.

If you don't know, my buddy Darren runs The 7 Line. He created an insanely amazing Mets fan group and they are just so incredibly rad, welcoming and the best baseball fans you'll ever meet. I met Darren back in 2012 when he turned me into an adopted Mets fan while living in NYC. Since then, I've been hooked on what they do. If you have a chance, please go check out their history because Darren has done such a rad job building a community for Mets fans started by Mets fans and honestly, I dream of that. 

The reason I bring up Darren is because yesterday (or two days ago) he hit me up with an article about why Mike Trout wasn't a superstar. We had a pretty rad conversation about it and I brought up that Angel fans have a great fan base, but we just don't show up. There are a ton of us that are die hard fans and we have so many great players, so why aren't we having fun with it? He asked if there were any big Angel fans groups and I couldn't really think of one. Halo Haven has done a pretty spectacular job of being out there. Chuck and everyone at Angels Win have been here for years. Halos Heaven has been around. I remember The Hooligans were trying a thing to get younger fans (like early 20's. I'm old) but there hasn't been a consistent group outing. After him pumping me the hell up and telling me to go for it, I decided to try it. Let's get 50 of us to a game. 

That being said, let's Rage at the Big A. I want 50 of the most passionate, die-hard, loud and positive fans to ban together and make something of this. I'm tired of people saying our fan base is weak, including me. I'm tired of people thinking we don't appreciate Trout or Ohtani or Simba or THE MASSIVE ROSTER of rad people on our team. I'm tired of going to games and sitting next to people who are just on their phones, talking business or impressing a client. Let's get 50 of us to go to a game and turn this into the World Baseball Classic/Soccer environment. Let's chant. Let's cheer. LET US HAVE FUN! 

Who cares if we look dumb to others. Who cares if people don't appreciate it or think we're dorks cause we're cheering Kinsler slapping a single. Let us ban together and do something different. The plan is to meet up at Golden Road Brewery. Whether you have a ticket with us or not, come and let's march to the stadium and make some noise as we get to the gates. Then when we're in our seats, we're going to be loud and have fun THE ENTIRE GAME. I don't expect us to be chanting or hollering the entire time but I expect it to be a soccer type environment. And don't be an asshole. I don't want people there who are gonna cause problems or make fun of the Astros. This is all in good fun and I want people who are there for the game and the team. 

So, I only have 50 tickets AS OF NOW. You can Venmo me, write me a check, pay me in cash or work something out with me. It's $20 flat fee and I'm gonna make sure we do some giveaways at Golden Road or do a fun raffle. This is going to be one of the greatest games you go to and I promise you it will be amazing. So please shoot me a tweet or e-mail me at RicardoDoesThings@gmail.com for more info.

Also, I'm doing this on my own in terms of planning and distributing tickets. I apologize in advance if things go a little haywire or I don't respond IMMEDIATELY but I'm going to do my best. This is a test run and if this ends up being as rad as I think it's going to be, there will be more of these. So let's have some fun and GO ANGELS! 

Rage at the Big A Flyer.jpg

Game 5 Recap - Opening Night Disaster

THE ANGELS ARE BACK IN ANAHEIM I REPEATSSSSSSS THE ANGELS ARE BACK IN ANAHEIM! Opening Day is always an amazing time cause the atmosphere is tremendous, the hot dogs are steamin and seat hopping is at an all-time high. If you don't look at the game score, opening day was a MASSIVE success with the introductions of the giant screens and new food items. Plus, Weaver threw the first pitch and made me cry so here's the Game 5 Recap:

- Opening Night festivities kicked off with Vlad Guerrero going against a fan plucked from the stands in a hot dog eating contest. Vlad ate 13 while the fan was too star struck to even start.

- Jered Weaver threw out the first pitch (it was a strike) but then was immediately tossed out by the umps for bringing too much grit back onto the field. We miss you, Weave.

- Donald the Donkey FINALLY made an appearance to a roaring sold-out crowd. Cozart was tearing up during the moment. Everyone was hugging in the stands.

- At some point during the 2nd inning, they were just handing out free beer. I never cried with joy so much in my life. 

- Someone with a "Mike Trout will you go to prom with me" was pulled on to the field and surprised with Trout in a tux. The stadium lights turned off and a single spotlight was on the two of them with "Kiss From A Rose" being played in the background. As the fan had tears stream down her face, Trout slowly walked up and they slowed dance. The umps then tossed out the fan for delay of game. It was a beautiful moment. 

- Buttercup wasn't played. This isn't a joke. I just want you to know that it happened and the curse might be lifted. 

Here are some pics from the game that I shot. Enjoy and bless up that the boys are back in town. 


Game 2 Recap - Angels win. Butts were clenched

BASEBALL IS BETTER WHEN THE ANGELS WIN! Here's what went during tonight's win against the A's:

  • Mike Trout hit for a home run then trotted around the bases like he was riding a horse. It was fancy. 
  • Keynan Middleton ripped off his shirt after doing his thing revealing a giant tattoo of "Juicy" on his back. We don't know what it means but we're about it.
  • Sosh did the squinty eye thing again. He made one ump go home. 
  • Ian Kinsler helped an A's fan propose to his girlfriend then immediately stole his girl. It was weird but congrats to Kinsler and his new bride. 
  • An A's fan in the front row ate 21 hot dogs. He is currently at a local hospital. 
  • Someone farted on the team bus and sources tell us it was Zack Cozart's donkey but we still have yet to see it so we think it was Cozart


Game 1 Recap - Angels lose. Everything is terrible

ANGEL GAMES THAT MATTER ARE BACK AND WHAT A JOY THIS ISSSSSSSSSS. With a SELL-OUT crowd and a PACKED stadium, the Angels took the A's to extras but unfortunately came away with a loss. Here are some highlights from the game:

  • Mike Trout came out healthy and fine. He went 5-5 for the day. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
  • Albert Pujols stole a fan's hot dog. He then threw it back at the fan when he discovered there was ketchup on it.
  • Zack Cozart high-fived some teammates.
  • Mike Sosh did one of those squinty eyes shrugs at an ump. We all laughed
  • Khris Davis on the A's cried in the 3rd inning. It was weird. Like full on balling. 
  • A total of 17 players wore sunglasses.

Bright sides: Cozart looks great, team looks fine, I'm still alive. On to the next. 



Tomorrow the Angels are FINALLY back and set the course to #TakeBackTheWest by opening up the 2018 season in Oakland. But before the season starts, every site is gonna be having predictions on how many HRs Trout is gonna hit, will Simmons win a gold glove and other BORING and UNCOOL stats we DON'T care about. Here are some hot takes you're not gonna hear ANYWHERE ELSE

office-prank-5 copy.jpg
Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 9.25.12 AM.png
  • Over 12 times Mike Trout will "accidentally" eat Pujols burrito. IT WAS CLEARLY LABELED ALBERT
  • Keynan Middleton will probably come out to Post-Malone if not the theme from Rugrats 
  • Cozart's Donkey is actually Eric Aybar and Jeff Mathis
  • Billy Eppler will trade Ohtani the pitcher for PTBNL but will keep Ohtani the hitter
  • Build Me Up Buttercup will no longer be in existence
  • Ian Kinsler is going to have a slash line of FruitNinja/KillBill/JasonVoorhees
  • Matt Shoemaker will reveal that under his beard is another giant in-stadium screen
  • Andrew Heaney will smile in a team photo. 10/10 would not want to bat against him #fierce
  • Angels go 162-0 and win the world series because it is our time
Cozart's donkey is a fraud. I don't believe he exists.

Cozart's donkey is a fraud. I don't believe he exists.

Tomorrow. 1pm PST. FSW. Check your local listings. Lets.Fucking.GOOOOOOOOO

Oooooooohhhhh Helllooooo


Well...kind of. 

We're 9 days away from Opening Day and I'm pleased to announce that The Rocks will be having DAILY stuff aka "content" starting NEXT MONDAY! I'll be shooting The Pop-Up daily and STILL working on the podcast stuff which will most likely be a video component as well. I've figured out how to manage my time better so I'm ready to blow this thing up. 

The goal of this is just to have some fun during the season. I don't ever plan on being negative with the team and just wanna put some positive stuff out there and be lighthearted. So get ready cause we're amping this up. TIME TO TAKE BACK THE WEST! 

- Ricardo


HOLY CRAP! So on a whim I just kinda decided to ACTUALLY do the thing and make this site and I DID NOT expect the amazing response from Angel fans. I'm actually FLOORED. This is probably what Trout feels like every time he steps on to the plate except I'm Hispanic, prob like 150 more pounds than him and I can barely hit a softball.

I do want to rexplain that this site is going to be nothing but a positive/comedic take on the team and have some fun. I'm not trying to breakdown stats, I don't want to just complain and crap on the team when they come on hard times and I DEFINITELY don't want to get players to hate this thing. I want to just have some fun and make some ridiculous stuff in the process.

A ton of you are asking how you can help and to be quite honest, I'm kind of just playing this by ear. Think right now, I might need a comedic writer or two to help write some stuff when the Angels are doing something and help when I actually go out to shoot things when the season starts. So here's what I'm currently looking for:

  • Graphics person to figure out a logo/shirt/video designs
  • Podcast crew to chat once a week about the state of the Angels and have some fun
  • Possibly a little film crew when I go out to shoot stuff when the season rolls around

But most immportantly, I basically just need you to spread the word. You just RTing the videos, the site and basically just about this is gonna go A LONG WAYS. The power of the internet is incredible and Angel/baseball fans never cease to amaze me when they support something.

That being said, let's have some fun. This thing is just getting off and we already gor 5k views on a video that took like an hour and a half to put together so imagine what we can do when we start doing some fun shit. PLEASE follow the new Twitter and Facebook accounts and to be the first int he know about everything! Oh and those pictures are all shot by me. I'll probably make an IG too and take photos at games.


Twitter: __TheRocks (That's two underscores)

Facebook: Facebook.com/TheRocksBaseball

Welcome to The Rocks!

Felt like Sean Connery typing that out. Anyway, WELCOME TO THE ROCKS! A new digital site to find all things Angels with a fun, comedic and I guess dorky spin! My name is Ricardo and I can't thank you enough for coming to this thing and seeing how we grow this bad boy.

First and foremost, I just wanna say whatever this thing becomes is dependent on how Angel fans feel about the crap I'm putting out. I'm not the funniest guy in the world nor the smartest baseball mind but I'm super passionate about this team and for the past 8-10 years I've been Tweeting about them because they are my life blood. That and pizza but that's a whole different story.

So what exactly is this thing gonna be? Literally like an hour ago, the Angels signed Shohei Ohtani to a deal and I just decided to just go all in myself and start this site. What I plan to do is make some videos about the Angels, write/photoshop some ridiculous crap and possibly interview some fans and players in the process. I'm playing it by ear but I plan on getting a little crew together for a podcast and maybe some writers to write some fun stuff for the site. To me, growing a community and having fun is my biggest agenda. 

Here are some initial ideas I have and hopefully you guys look forward to em:

Weekly Podcast: Getting a crew together to talk about Angels and maybe some other random shit while slanging some brews

Pop-Up: Quick 1-2 minute show about what the team is up to

Know Your Opponent: 1-2 minute video about teams the Angels are going up against

And probably some other garbage.


This site should be a lot of fun and I hope you guys can support it along the way whether it's telling some friends about it or watching some stuff. This isn't gonna be a place to find in-depth analysis of crap because I'm not that kind of guy. Sites like AngelsWin, Halos Heaven and a few others do a whole better job with that stuff. I'll be spending the majority of the weekend figuring this thing out so tweet to me @iBlogBetter if you have any ideas for shows or how you can help! Thanks a ton and LET'S GET THAT WS TROPHY BACK TO ANAHEIM! 

- Ricardo